5 easy tricks to help you write catchy titles

Write catchy titles: It is said that the title is read five times more than the body copy. Thus the title is eighty percent more important, this gives any writer the motivation to spend some time writing it properly. The question is HOW?

In the sea of writers and readers, how do you get people interested in reading your content? To tell the truth most people write great content that has value, but still get fewer readers, what then, what exactly must be done?

The secret lies with the title of your piece, This applies to newspapers, video, books titles etc. Its always comes down to your title. Today I am sharing my 5 simple tips on how to write catchy titles.

How to write catchy titles

In many instances writers make the mistake of focusing their energy on the body of an article or making the video, neglecting the title. In fact, the title should be given more attention, it’s not just the cherry on top but the cake itself, Its the bait that leads to content reading.

People often go online looking for information, having a question in mind. The target of the writer is to answer those questions, The title should give the reader an instant gratification. some sort of guarantee that the will get the answers they are looking for.

have you ever spent time looking for a product at different shops, without any luck? the feeling you get when you finally find it. its the same feeling readers get when they see a title that answers their question. they just want to open the article and absorb everything in it.

I usually find myself taking nearly an hour to decide on how to structure my title and comparing which title will better answer the question of the reader. Remember, the reader is our MVP in this line of work.

If you really need help constructing catchy titles, here are a couple of tricks you can use. alternatively. you can watch my youtube video where I will be walking you through this in step by step process. ( YouTube Video Link)

The use of numbers

So many copywriters are using numbers in their title, There is a reason why It works wonders.

Do a short survey: Go to youtube and look at the most successful channels which obtain millions of views monthly, you will be shocked. This is what you will see: “10 facts blah blah. 15 horror crashes that and that, 5 creepy this and this… you get the drift. Many of them use the numerals to start their title be people’s mind are just looking for things that are organized into a group or unit.

Really there aren’t rules regarding the number that works best, however, note that people only remember three to five points. Sometimes odd numbers like 19 & 37 are likely to catch peoples attention.

The use of compelling adjectives

Below are  examples of adjective that spikes curiosity:

  • gorgeous
  • fun
  • ugly
  • free
  • muscular
  • attractive
  • essential
  • dangerous

The use of unique reasoning or logic

If your post will be about a list, try to be authentic or real. example :

  • Facts

e.g 10(note the use of numbers) Facts you didn’t know about global warming in 2017.

  • Principles
  • Lessons
  • secrets
  • tricks
  • rules

My recommendation, never use things, eg. 10 things you didn’t know about global warming in 2017. in fact, you could do better than that.

The use of why, what, when, how  trigger words

My personal favorite trigger words are: “Why and How”. Many people are usually in search to find why and how things work. By including why and how in your title, you are already persuading them to act.  eg. 5 Reasons Why Most Businesses fall apart within a year. If the reader is a new business owner, they are likely going to click with an attempt to find out the reasons so they don’t make the same mistakes. I hope you notice a collective use other tricks on that title.

Make a bold promise

This is where you promise your readers, something valuable. Are you going to teach them a new skill? or make them do something they have not done before? Are you revealing some old unknown secrets?

Your goal is to dare the reader to read the article. without being offensive or overpromising. The key to this is to become as seductive as possible, in the most harmless way. Try to deliver what you promised by giving your readers valuable content.

To simplify this tricks, I have derived a formula to help you remember what one needs to do in short. I hope you enjoy using it for success.

The Formula

Here is a simple formula for writing a catchy title:


Examples: Lets us take the subject of “selling cars”. You could write an article entitled,

“How to sell a car”  or “Why I love selling cars”.

Or you can apply my formula and make it: “9 Unbelievable Ways to sell a car in less 8 hrs”.

or “How you can effortlessly sell a car in less than 8 hours”.

Note: people hate it when they are being tricked into something that does not add value. So try your best to make it worth their time. Take your time to relate your content to your title, so the title will not be misleading. so they don’t regret and neither will you.

what tricks of writing titles did you find useful? share in the comments.